“She has learned a lot and opened up socially.  I love the drop-off/pick-up procedure.”

“Just having a routine and getting used to the idea of going to school was very beneficial.  Being in the threes was good for her socially to interact with kids her age.  Looking forward to more academic challenges next year in the Pre-K program.”

“She really learned her letters and colors and shapes.  Also became familiar with the calendar, weather, taking turns, and other important social skills.  This was her first experience with real structure...”

"...has become more interested in social activities.  His sister is in school and he feels important "like her" because he goes to school too.  He participates and has enjoyed making new friends.  I can't say enough great things about this program. Thank you!!!"

"He wants to pray before meals and he got the social interaction and academics that I wanted. He really feels proud to go to school and have his very own teachers (both of them are wonderful)."